Hardwood floor vs Laminate: The Pros and Cons

The wood flooring, indeed, becomes the favorite of people living in the US, UK or other nations. The reason is simple; this floor will display a natural outlook and an inviting nuance in their interior. In addition, it can also present timeless design that will make you amazed.

The hardwood floor is frequently chosen by those who want to have a traditional and appealing home decorating ideas. Alternatively, for those who long for having hardwood floors in a lower price, they can choose laminate wood flooring which is still able to give natural ambiance like what hardwood does.

If you are still confused in choosing one of those floors, it is better for you to consider the pros and cons of hardwood floor vs laminate. This article will assist you in selecting which one is best for your home interior and budget.

Let’s start from the budget you may need to purchase those floors. The hardwood floor is priced higher than the laminate floor because it is made of the original harvested tree. Meanwhile, the laminate floor is made of composite wood which is pressed at high temperature and laminated by the image of hardwood. That’s why it is more affordable than the hardwood floor.

For its durability, the laminate floor is considered more durable than the hardwood floor. Why? As the laminate floor is made from hard-pressed wood material, this floor is able to defend against stretch and moisture.

Meanwhile, the hardwood is easy to scratch and it has low resistance of extreme moisture. However, there is a plus point of the hardwood floor you need to know: it will show gorgeous appearance for your home interior.

Reference: freshome.com

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