Harry Potter Throw Blanket – Warmth from the Fantasy Folk

I bet that you are the big fan of Harry Potter! Yeah, there are lots of people in teh world crazy about this awesome novel. Once the story is drawn into a movie, it says more with spectacular digital effect that helps your imagination to go wilder. It is no wonder that there are plenty of stuff that appear with harry potter picture or theme. Fortunately, here I bring you some new style of harry potter throw blanket!

It is very nice to cover the white bedding with adorable creamy harry potter blanket. Yeah, it is so soft and warm to make your whole night comfortable from the beginning till woken up.

Aside of the creamy style, another one seems to take daniel racliff as the pattern of the blanket. It is totally awesome to have a witch guarding your every night in the bedroom. What do you think about it?
The next idea is a playful harry potter throw blanket idea that covers a white sofa in the corner of the room. it shares the joy of playing the magic spell with various colors in one design. red and yellow are perfect choice to make the sheepskin furry throw looks adorable to cover your body!

Another one is super playful throw blanket idea with arry potter and the broom action story plot. It looks gorgeous in blue style with so many pictures applied on the surface. Again, red and yellow seem to give perfect accent on the design.

The one with hogwart logo must be the most awesome design. it comes with terrifying outlook, but still it offers warmth ans style to you!

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