Old Hollywood Glamour Decor: The Timeless Decor with Classic Details

Everybody seems having their own favorite style of home decor. Some of them may choose a modern design which is simple but stylish while the rest of them would prefer the traditional style which is classic but timeless. What’s about you? What styles do you like the most?

If you like something luxurious but classic, you can consider about decorating old Hollywood glamour décor in your home. Even though it is considered a classic style, you can still obtain the glamour outlook from this decoration. For further ideas, let’s take a look at the beautiful old Hollywood glamour decor displayed in this pictures that will make you mesmerize with its sophistication.

This decor fit well for any room in your house as this design is timeless and admirable. The primary key in applying this home style is that digging its signatures. Be smart in choosing the appropriate furniture style for obtaining the sense of this theme.

As this name implies, this style of this old Hollywood glamour decor is derived from the golden age of Hollywood which are full of the elegance.

When you are interested to decorate your home interior with this style, you have to choose the furniture that can display the glamour outlook. You also have to add the accent such as the mirror or the chandelier.

Let’s take a look at one of the living room presented in the pictures. This living room uses red sofas and ivory couch which look classy. Then, it is completed with a classic wooden coffee table beautified with carved on its edge.

This room looks admirable with the presence of glamour lighting on the ceiling. The pictures displayed on the wall also able to bring artistic and glamour décor.

Reference: hollywoodthing.com

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