Home Decorating Trend 2018: Color, Furniture, Tile, and Finish You Need to Inspire

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Home decorating trends – It always feel fun when talking about the home decorating trends that’s gonna be useful and easily make us inspired with especially when we’re having home re-decorating project this year. There are a lot of trends we should follow, starting from finishes, colors, tiles, color paints, furnishings, and other things on home decor.

Bright and colorful cactus wall arts – they definitely give a vivid color accent to this space. Each color hue has powerful character that successfully brings these beautiful artworks as the centerpiece of wall.

Let’s make the furniture as the main focus. The color is so fresh – automatically makes all eyes keep making this piece as the main direct object in this space. It’s easily to make the sofa as the focal point although we’ve put the framed real-like fruits paintings above it. It’s brilliant when the designer adds neutral but warm area rug in the center; it’s calming and softening the existing colors.

Layers of color and pattern – the space looks ‘busy’ and characterful due to the textural colors and patterns. It’s visually interesting because it’s combined with a fancy bedroom furniture set.

Window shutter might be just a secondary piece (the second priority) in home decor, but make it as a focal point. With inviting pink color hue, the window shutter of course looks special and visually interesting compared to other pieces.

Different with previous idea, both the window shutter and furniture piece are the direct objects of room. The colors are obviously bold and contrast each other – making them as the contender to each opposite color hue. Very interesting.

Shaded but airy-feel space. Half-way window shutters probably make the airy effect. They’re also a light source when opened. We may speculate that the neutral color on furniture probably be a thing that brings a well-shaded atmosphere in this living room.

There are two things we want to spotlight: the wood element and practical storage space. All wood furnishing pieces are designed in minimalist and clean line – but it still keeps the natural value of wood’s texture, scent, and tone.

The fabrics on curtains bring cool and breezy impact to the space, and the simple lines of pattern clearly give the character that totally breaks the monotone look created by brightly white interior.

It doesn’t matter if you want to take any tiles for your home, but according to the latest trend, soft-bright tiles are good references for most modern home decor. Why? Soft-bright tile products are clean look – matching for minimalist interiors and keeping the space in modern look.

So awesome! Darker gray wood walls featuring darker concrete-like wood floors. These finishes give elegance and rustic-gothic appeal to this cabin’s bedroom. Make other gray pieces as pairs to create the same tone with the overall interior.

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