Better Homes and Gardens Landscape Styles

Better Homes and Gardens landscape styles offer fresher and beautiful look to outdoor space (back yard, front yard, patio garden, etc). The landscape varies in designs, starting to simplest to most complicated design. Simple landscape designs have deep basic principles of contrast, balance, repetition, focal point, and rhythm. If your are desiring to set this design, master all these components and you will achieve an eye-catching and inspiring garden.

Balance in Better Homes and Gardens landscape styles can be created by prioritizing the visual weight, especially on objects and plants. The items must vary; some items are square, some items are tall, and others are round/ billowing. The balance can be seen in a garden if you see it in the particular angle. It may disappear when you view it from another angle. When you find the balance, it means that the landscape has exuded the feeling of stability and harmony.

Different to balance, contrast in Better Homes and Garden landscape styles are the easiest component for gardeners. They merely need to gather the plants collections catching the eyes. Pursuing effective contrast has to involve mingling the plants. Contrast can help to add a dramatic look for a garden.

Repetition and Rhythm are two next important components in Better Homes and Gardens landscape styles. Repetition can create the cohesiveness, while rhythm closely related to movement and flow. It does not mean that the plants are moving or flowing, but it rather the eyes viewing them.


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