Simple but Hot Trends of Modern Kitchen

Transitional kitchen design ideas – People are dreaming of perfect home design as what they want. But everyone has their own choice and favorite home design. Similar to people’s choices of home design, the smaller elements of home design such as kitchen and main bath parts are also different in theme design.

Sometimes people do not only prioritize the design as the crucial point in designing a kitchen or main bath, but they also go to trend; what the hottest trend of kitchen and bath today is. The answer, it depends since taste and trend are changeable.

Guru Brenda Bryan, a kitchen designer, says that currently the most crucial thing in home designing marketplace is those which are designed in modern and contemporary styles. Modern is very closed to sleek, streamlined, and futuristic. This is the hottest trend of big kitchen now. But if you prefer timelessness design idea of kitchen to contemporary and dated design idea of kitchen, a transitional styling is very perfect for you. It gives your new and big kitchen more power and stay tuned with the design.

Different to traditional kitchen design ideas, transitional kitchen design ideas, you may apply stainless appliances and granite countertops. Just compare to traditional kitchen design idea which looks so ‘busy’ (to many appliances and properties), this design idea looks very light, clean-lined, and simple, especially in the main body of the kitchen.

What makes transitional kitchen design ideas very trendy is the unused ingle drawer under dishwasher. Are you willing to know what next highlights of the new kitchen design ideas in this year? Take a look some lists below:

There is a tendency of outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen idea is usually applied for big-time (big moment) and big kitchen. This idea has spread recently in most modern and developed countries. The owner perhaps wants to elaborate the borderless area between kitchen area and other rooms. Ted Minnema from Grills and Napoleon Fireplaces says that this idea is very matched with those who love entertaining themselves outdoor and stay longer outside.

Gives pop colors in the kitchen. Pop colors here are more tuned-rainbow colors. You can inject these pop colors for the tile of kitchen. If stainless sink looks so out-of-dated, you can change it with a glass sink. It’s more interesting. Today there are many manufactures producing glass sinks and pop colored-wall tiles for kitchen. Interestingly, the wall tiles’ pop colors seem to change their colors.

For example: pink kitchen’s pink wall tiles seem to change into purple tiles when you stare them in different angle. There are still other hot trends of new kitchen ideas such as put brakes in the water bill, less stainless steel appliances, granite is being more attractive than stainless steel, and transitional design idea does not mean without bring in its transitional kitchen design ideas.


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