House with Asian Style for Best Oriental Feeling

Oriental style used not to be this popular in the past as you know that western style dominates the whole world by the glance of an eye. However, passing long history, there was a time when the style of most east asian attacked the west and influenced them to love this magical serene feeling interior style. yeah, it is not that simple, but with the plush of oriental style, nobody could escape from the joy of living in a calming, zen and comfortable dwelling. Below are some houses with asian style that you must know!

Not only living room that will be good in oriental style, but a classic bathroom design will send you to the era of passed dinasty. It is a cool bathroom with dark natural tone which is unfurnished, but it creates kind of serenity with metallic bathtub in the end of the room.

Adding red tone in the interior becomes an alternative to juggle the nuance into the oriental one. Too much red is sensational, but you can make it only an accent like a red chair, or cushion and even slightly paint on the wall .

The quirky character of oriental is the use of wooden in the interior. Not only the floor, but some details like the furniture, siding and even the ceiling are usually made of wood.

In addition, oriental style is also popular with its sliding glass door in the interior. It functions as room divider and even the real door in the front side. Yeah, it brings a brand new style inside your house!


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