Houzz Bar Stools Collections

Houzz bar stools become the best recommendation to you who want to complete your kitchen and breakfast table. There are a lot of bar stool products offered to you. The products are divided into several style groups such as contemporary, traditional, modern, transitional, industrial/ fabricated, and rustic bar stools. Each style categorization has different special characteristic. Each is also constructed in different size and color.

The materials of Houzz bar stools vary. Solid wood, plastic, and metal/ stainless steel becomes the most common materials use in bar stools manufacturing. Solid wood one of main materials of bar stool is supported in three finishing options: painted, stained, and glossy finished bar stools. Wood materials are easy to design. This material has good durability, strength, and aesthetic value. To protect it from termite attack, the wood must be coated with special coats like paints or stains.

Wood bar stools are flexible in style. They can be classic, traditional, minimalist, rustic, and contemporary bar chairs depending on their main design and detail. Different to wood bar stools; plastic bar stools are so identical as the modern/ contemporary one. Their color options add modernity value on the bar furniture. Seen from the benefits list, plastic is more excellent than wood because it lighter, cheaper, and wider in colors.

Metal or stainless steel bar stools are so stunning today. They come with extra elegance and luxury for the kitchen or dining area. They are most durable among all bar stools materials. They are also so stylish and classy. To prove it, here are some pictures of Houzz bar stools collections.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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