Hovering House Design in the Middle of Forest – Fresh and Relaxing

What does it feel to hover on the air? Yeah, it is very enchanting experience to wave the air without touching the ground. Of course, you can get the sensation once flying on a plane, sitting on a swing set and also flyer. Then, how to make it lasts for a longer time? yeah, it is a stunning breakthrough, actually, with unique style and design of hovering house design in the middle of a forest! Yeah, and you have to own this retreat design!

The unique thing is not only the hovering mode, but it also takes all the attention with the natural giant canopy from super big tree branch just before the entrance. Yeah, the sloping tree makes the house to hover beneath, and it is the one makes stunning look instead!

Entering the space, it is not that shabby and traditional dwelling in the forest or even camp. It is a luxurious home design with gorgeous furniture inside. You can look at how posh the furniture in the orange tone in the living room.

In addition, with the open concept model applied to the house, it is great for the occupants to see around from inside the house with perfect angle. Even the bathroom faces thick greenery of the outside forest, and it is challenging!

The thing which is very interesting is the outdoor extended living space with two relaxing chairs beneath all the green, fresh and natural canopy. As the owner wants to have the same nuance between inside and outside, the wall is also painted in green!

Reference: www.designrulz.com

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