How to Make a Barn Door, Especially A Sliding Barn Door?

How to make a barn door (especially a sliding barn door)? This question will not be asked more as you will get the answer now. There are some supplies and steps of how to make a sliding barn door. The supplies needed consist of miter saw, skill saw, hammer, hammer drill/ drill, orbit sander. And the steps of building the sliding barn door are as follow.

First, collect some wood boards or wood panels as the main supply of building a sliding barn door. Measure the wood board based on the old door panel size. Let top of panel longer to put the sliding door track and rail. Second, determine the door height. Third, after measuring, cut the wood board based on the measurement by using your skill saw. Before cutting it, make a line or pattern and cut the wood board based on line or pattern.

Fourth, cut two boards with 8 inches down to the size you have just measured. These pieces of boards are used for the top and bottom of door. Then lay them on the main board just to check the size. Make sure that the main board and these two boards are similar. Fifth, put the glue on the back of these two boards and fit them in the main board. Place the nails by using hammer to strengthen the boards together.

Sixth, soften each edge of main boards by using sponge and water. Then let it dry. To make the main board having cool and old look, you can paint it with Cabot cinnamon toast as the undercoat. Next coat is warmer-color paint. It is up to you what next color you are going to use. Before installing the main board (barn door), attach the hardware first. To attach the hardware, it is simple. Attach the hardware on 1×8 inches from the door. Then, mark and make holes by using drill. Put the nuts and screws. Next step of how to make a barn door is install the track. Make a decision where the door track will start and where the door track will end. Mark where the track will be put and drill it. The door track is finished to install, then place the door’s top on the wheel mounted on the track. Now, you have just finished how to make a barn door.


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