Huge Ranges of Cool Duvet Sets for New Bohemian Vibe Only Found In Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters' duvet cover in butterscotch Urban Outfitters

To get the best sleep, we need to figure out what best bed treatment products for daily use; and yes there are so many options of bed treatment products providing all we need, but only a few that meet our personal style and needs. Urban Outfitters is just one of best world outlets providing best bed treatment products with updated and stylish look. Made of eco-friendly materials, the products give you the guarantee of soft-surface linens that can make you feel comfy when sleeping. Well, don’t make you more curious about this and just let’s check the products out.

What a gorgeous color! The duvet cover looks so stunning simply through its color and ornate tassels. The designer uses soft cotton for dimension and texture, making this piece of bed treat feels fluffy and soft-touched. Its butterscotch tone adds bold appearance without over-dominating other objects.

Complete your Bungalow duvet cover with this sham set. Like the duvet cover, this product is also garnished with some net tassels at one of the edges, and the color is set as same as the pairing product. The chosen color of course visualizes the warmth that can make you feel cozy when used.

Add a functional accent to your bedroom with this product: Urban Oufitters’ duvet cover with some lines of ornate netted tassels. Unlike the previous product, this duvet is set in pink color, looks sweet and girly, so it suits for girls. Its ultra-soft texture and fluffy surface absolutely provide you a perfect spot to snuggle for hours.

With border-trim accent, this comforter seems a bit different with the previous products and the net tassels add more beauty maker to this bed treatment.

Gold duvet cover with embroider accent. The oversized lead patterns also add charm to this duvet cover, and its cotton gauze gives dimension and texture, offering extra comfort to you. This also suits for modern Bohemian bedroom or Scandinavian-style bedroom.

Need the vintage touch to your bedroom? This worn-look duvet cover will be best recommendation. This product is inspired by vintage Southwest style. It’s made of soft cotton and accented with a lot of geo prints. A good option for master bedroom or even the guest room.

The duvet’s surface is soft textured but there are multicolored tassels along the edges for a hammock-look-like.

This is called Rowan Bandhani Duvet designed by Urban Outfitters. The name is inspired by Bandhani dye that adds Boho touch. The bold look is sourced from the prints coloring in navy blue in which this color definitely makes a visual contrast to white color background, really matching for airy and bright bedrooms.

Bring the natural vibe to your bedroom simply through this Georgina Stem duvet product. Its floral prints surely can make your room fresher at least in visualization.

Light neutral tone: gray is perfect color choice that absolutely can work with any bedroom designs. The tone also seems good for simple-modern look, so you can pair it off with any other modern pieces like such a beautiful curtains, charming throw blanket, and faux-fur rug.

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