IKEA Console Tables, Best Furniture Pieces for Your Entryway

Want a simple but stunning table that’s easy to see when you’re getting in your entryway? IKEA console tables are perfect choice for making your entryway more attractive and ‘different’ than before. Wide ranges of product selection can be your references if you’re really want to have one. Few of them can be placed behind your sofa or even in the center of room. It can also be a practical solution to divide up a large space.

IKEA has designed, produced, and distributed IKEA console tables with shelf addition to meet the customers’ needs about the storage space. The shelf units can be flexibly paired with the boxes, so you can put and store your stuffs inside the boxes. Another variant is discovered with various finishes and size. Black, white, brown, gray, and other natural hues are still used as most favorite finishes. These hues suit any room designs, so don’t need to hardly mix and match your room design and your new console.

The newest IKEA console tables are designed in modern and modern minimalist, so they are so perfect for being applied on modern home designs. Modern look is clearly seen on their designs and colors. Both are obviously simple but elegant. There is no reason to not select such entryway furniture as well as the storage unit.

And the color, there are several options you can choose. Fully black, white, unfinished, and fully natural-brown are available for you. Just choose one that fits your personal preference. How’s about design? The designs vary depending on the features/ specifications inserted in. One of most newest IKEA console tables’ designs is an IKEA’s console table with wood tabletop. Another popular one is wood console table with a pair of drawers as the complements. If you feel so curious about other designs, just check them in gallery below.

Reference: www.housebeautiful.com

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