IKEA Floating Desk Selections with Lack-Shelf

As one of most popular world furniture home suppliers, IKEA has designed and produced so many furniture pieces required by most customers. Any kinds of home furniture are available here. IKEA floating desk, for instance, is just one of desk product selections provided by IKEA to enhance the customers’ need of space-saving furniture for their home. This kind of furniture is commonly used for home office or real office. The desk completely enables for accommodating a computer, laptop, or even TV set.

Amazingly, IKEA now produces a new product variant of floating desk with lack-shelf. This product can fit for any uses and places (bedroom, living room, family room, bathroom, and kitchen integrated with dining room). Like its name, IKEA floating desk with lack-shelf doesn’t have any shelves underneath. There is no storage-space inserted. This presents too much of simplicity but higher value in elegance.

The pieces of IKEA floating desk with lack-desk is very perfect for placing and organizing any items, depending where it is placed. In a living room, for instance, the desk can be used for supporting some pieces of free-standing picture frames and other decorative items. You can place it behind your sofa/ couch/ sectional. In bedroom, floating desk over bed is perfect spot to choose. Use it to organize and manage your more private picture frames (your pre-wedding photography and the series of your lovely kids picture collections). In a home office, use it as the computer desk which is completed with other decorative items, like attractive and stunning vase with fresh flowers, a free-standing pic-frame, and a modern desk lamp. You can also add the arranged book collection standing side by side with your computer.

IKEA floating desk in kitchen, dining room, and bathroom is very usable for keeping and managing the appliances, your room will look so well-organized. Below are some examples of IKEA floating desk application in some different rooms. May they inspire you to set the similar application in your home. Please, visit the following gallery to see clearer pictures.

Reference: www.remodelaholic.com

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