Ikea Pull Out Pantry and Slide Out Pantry, Which one Do You Choose?

Ikea pull out pantry is one of wide ranges of Ikea’s products provided to meet your needs of home furniture. Pull-out pantry looks like a drawer unit which is usually combined with cabinets unit. Such kitchen fixture is flexible to settle down, but the kitchen area becomes the most perfect location to place this furniture. Sometimes it is well perfect to complete mini bar or dining room. A pull-out pantry is used to store many kitchen items such as dishware, flat plates, bowls, spoons and forks, drinking glass, spoon measurement, and others.

Ikea slide out pantry is considered as the rival of Ikea pull out pantry as both actually have the similarity in function. Each individual must has different preference about them. Many people prefer choosing pull out pantry to slide out pantry, and vice versa.

If you ask which one better: slide out pantry or pull out pantry? Both have primary function as the storage. Yet, slide out pantry is not only available as the kitchen items storage, but it can also be used as kitchen display unit where some decorative items are shown off on it. Different to a slide out pantry, a pull out pantry cannot be a display media in the kitchen because it has closed features in its entire parts. So, choose one of them based on your need, whether your need is only a storage or both functions: a storage and display media. Here are some designs of Ikea pull out pantry you may choose.

Reference: ths.gardenweb.com

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