IKEA Shag Rug Options

Shag rugs are best choices for you who like something cozy, soft, and luxurious for your feet when step in the rug. There are so many options of shag rug available in market. They also come in various label and each label offers specific texture, color, and size.

IKEA shag rug is one of most popular and most recommended shag rug products you may select to your home. Many homeowners prefer this type of area rug to others because it is so stylish and so modern. In additional, the range of ‘shaggy’ rugs is so sophisticated and sleek.

IKEA shag rug is thick and fluffy ones. This rug is perfect for particular rooms where you dream of huge comfort and privacy, such as bedroom or family room. But, that’s okay if you want to add little accent to your living room, just cover the floor with these shag rugs. They absolutely can add the warmth, texture, and softness to your living room. They can also give more vivid look by their color. Everyone visiting you will feel a nice welcoming-rug.

IKEA shag rug can reduce the chill of floor and make the surface covered by rug warmer, so you don’t require turning the room heating system on. In selecting the shag rugs, be sure that you have measured up the room size before. This is important to create a good proportion and harmony between the room size and the rug size. Another important thing is when selecting and buying IKEA shag rug, consider the room color theme and decor. Also, complete the rug with rug underlay or an anti-slip to prevent the accident.

Reference: www.housebeautiful.com

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