Ikea Sofa Bed Design to Invite More Chance to Sleep Comfortably

Feeling so tired after work is not a new issue that most people get all over the world. It makes them willingly to get home soon and lay a bit longer in the living room before going to bed. even in the living room, it is just not very comfortable to sit formally like on a chair while watching TV. Yeah, you need furniture that enables you to sit and once lay down if you want. If it is the case, then you must need ikea sofa bed to make you relax every night!

You can have a sofa bed wherever you want, not only in the living room. bringing the design intothe bedroom is also perfect to accompany the bedding, and to add it to the hallway even kitchen is also a cool idea.

In addition, sofa bed comes in various colors and designs, so there is no reason to not falling in love with this awesome furniture. Red should be the most tempting design while black is neutral as well as white.

Looking on the shape, it also varies from the very simple like sectional sofa with additional bed, or the one which is designed to be convertable from sofa into bed. you just need to flatten the design to let your body laying comfortably.

Further, talking about the material, velvet, satin, and even microfiber are all best one to shape a nice sofa bed idea. don’t forget to select the texture too because it is perfect to define the outlook!

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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