Ikea White TV Stand: Sweet Couple for Minimalism

Are you living in a minimalist house design? how does it feel? Yeah, it is always interesting to live in such well arranged home because minimalist home will never let a single piece of the space waste with no mean. Including the furniture choice, minimalism has its own standard to steal compact, stylish and functionable fixture at one! Ikea white tv stand must be one of the wide selection of minimalist furniture, so check the following show!

Choosing a simple ikea white tv stand is not a mistake because the simplicity leads you to enjoy the real minimalist design. In addition, the white color chosen is also neutral, and again it brings you the real taste of this urban style. thanks to the cream top and the tripod floor lamp added aside!

An L shaped white ikea tv stand appears with tall and wide storage. It provides not only the space for tv, but the tall design stacked is useful to install some ornaments even pictures.

The next one is a floating tv stand design that is also bathed in stylish white color. It contrasts the magenta painted wall behind with some additional standing cabinet flanking on the right and left side. With a small potted plant attached, the outlook is totally awesome!

If you prefer to have a shorter design, than the white modular ikea tv stand must be the best choice ever. Not only the stylish outlook, but it offers great function as well as the easy to bring modular syle. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it!

Reference: thesweethome.com

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