Inspiring Interiors with Minimalist Bohemian Flairs

Minimalist living room with dusty white sofa plus Bohemian style throw pillows and white throw blanket two branch floor lamp Pinterest

Redecorating a bedroom is fun; we’re exactly so excited when starting the project of bedroom redecorating based on the style we love the most. Those with uncluttered and simple look of interior seem to match with minimalist concept, and this concept has been the longest trend most people want to adopt. Sometimes, people do collaboration with other styles and the results are so amazing. Minimalist-Bohemian, for example, sounds interesting to try, and this offers uniqueness and creates a new character to any interiors. To inspire you more about the minimalist décor style with a Bohemian touch, today I’ve collected and shared the best ideas you may try. Check these ideas out and be ready to adore all ideas.

Minimalist concept is clearly brought by the color shades dominating this space, and whites and light wood are the elements obviously creating this look. Whites are everywhere; sometimes they get blacks for the accents. The light wood here is less than whites, but it affects much in this room, especially to add the natural vibe to this bedroom.

It’s clear that the macramé wall décor is the big influencer of Bohemian style, and it blends well with all interior pieces in this bedroom.

If you love smooth texture and unique shape for wall decoration, maybe these Boho wall ornaments are perfect options for you. They’re so stunning! Just install these right above your sofa and let they be your focal points. Make your guests impressed simply with these items.

I love all elements in this room, starting from the ceilings to the floors. The exposed wood beams finished in pure white add texture even though they’re in white; the beams are perfectly framing the top of room and make others poppy. The bed and its dramatic draperies; the draperies, how they fall into, definitely brings romantic feel. The area rug is also so pigmented, creating a bold look in the middle of white dominance covering over this room.

Urban Outfitters always offers the coolest Bohemian products for interiors, and this area rug is just one of the best ones. Pala-textured loop area rug offers the most comfortable surface to step on. The texture is smooth and relaxing, recommended for you guys who want to feel the sensation through your naked feet.

Need a new inspiration for your guest room? This idea needs to try. To welcome the next Spring, it’s important to redecorate your guest room with something fresh and beautiful, and adding Boho touch sounds be a great idea to try. Simply putting a sheepskin throw blanket or a floral duvet cover is an instant way to get a pop Bohemian vibe.

Bohemian flair can also be created by adding some throw pillows covered with tribal or ethnical linens like these ones. They’re standout.

So classic – subway tiles featuring a white bathtub. I feel like watching a classical movie with the bathroom as the main setting of place. The space looks more textural with such a colorful runner. Even, the runner offers a visual interest in this bathroom.

Simple and comfortable, this bedroom offers you luxury brought by all interior pieces. Floral duvet cover delivers a bit of color richness and texture that obviously add a minimalist-Boho flair to this space.

The space visually invites everyone to start the day in this beautiful kitchen. There are some elements I want to highlight. Green subway tile backsplash is so stunning. It creates a contrast as well as a color accent in this kitchen. The runner also attracts me; It gives a texture to the base of kitchen.

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