Inspiring Wall-Mounted Kitchen Table Options, Not Only Practical & Space-Efficient, But Also Uniquely Stylish

contemporary kitchen design wall mounted wood table black wallpaper with flower motifs wooden floors wooden countertop white cabinets flat panel upper cabinets Geraldine Laferte

Some people love unusual things and if you are the one that loves something unique or unusual, I think it’s so challenging if you try to start redecorating your home. Just begin with the room you love the most or the space where you’re more active doing your hobby. Kitchen, for instance, needs to remodel to get more functional, practical, and of course more stylish. If the space availability becomes the matter, why don’t you pick the practical furnishings as your best choice? Wall-mounted kitchen table is the example.

Wall-mounted kitchen table is definitely more practical than usual tables, but it still keeps serving more space for any active use like serving ready-eat dishes, prep.counter, putting some drinks, and many others. Well, below I would like to show you ten great ideas of wall-mounted kitchen table that probably fits your kitchen remodel project. Let’s start hunting the best one and get ready to furnish your kitchen with this one piece.

Wood wall-mounted kitchen table in mini size. It surely offers much more practical use for serving the dishes or drinks. The table is obviously attached on wood cabinet for a space-saving mode. It just needs to lay down for a table, and stick up to cabinet for a cabinet’s door. Add one or two chairs for completing this adorable table.

eclectic and practical wall mounted kitchen table foldable chairs

The designers pay attention on details and practical solutions. They start with this wall-mounted kitchen table. The table is designed as a folded piece, so it just needs to fold down when used, and to fold up when unused. Clear the space off by hanging the folded chairs if you want more space. I think it’s well recommended for you guys whose small kitchen.

modern kitchen bar idea black finish bar table black barstools folded kitchen table that mounted on blue wall wood reclaimed floors


Get practical just with folded ‘table’ kitchen in your home bar. Its mini size allows you to have more space for other furnishings or just let the space seems larger without any additional furniture sets.

Wall-mounted table, a great solution for more maneuvering space in this small kitchen. Its small size isn’t a big matter for accommodating four people at once.

Probably this can be called a cabinet-mounted table. This ‘concealed’ table practically provides less space for serving the dishes or drinks, but still so functional for two, a nice choice for casual dinner. The unique design also adds style and preciously gives more space to your compact kitchen.

Feel warm and natural. With light-toned natural wood, all furnishing is appealing the space. White wall and floor add contrasting tone but still offer the comfortable warmth. The wall-mounted combo table becomes the one and only piece providing more space for prep or serving table; So practical and space-efficient with its double function.

Thin and wall-mounted- these two values exactly meet the need of space-efficiency. This kind of table, of course, is the best choice for small kitchens or dining rooms.

With similar product, this wall-mounted table can also be recommended for romantic dinner. Its smaller size allows us to get more intimacy with our loved one. Wanna try this idea?

Floating mini dining table obviously optimize the unused corner space for a two-person breakfast nook. Just add two bar stools for more comfortable eating area.

I tell the truth that I am the fan of full-height & wall-mounted kitchen table. The table offers me not only more under-space, but it also provides the comfort for my arms for leaning on during having meals. It means the table serves what I need. About the color, its light wood finishing naturally triggers on creating a contrasting scheme in this dominant white interior.

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