What are the Differences between Interior and Exterior Painting? Check it out!

There are a lot of efforts that you can do to create your home has an astonishing visualization that will add a valuable appearance of your house. One of the efforts is by presenting interior and exterior paintings as both of them can give you a meticulous atmosphere to your home decoration. Then, what are the differences of exterior and interior painting?

Let’s discuss about the exterior painting first. The exterior painting should have strong resistance against the extreme weather such as rain, sun, and humidity. Thus, we need to choose the best paint for the interior to protect it from peeling and cracking and keep it long lasting.

To choose the best paint for interior, you have to consider about the exterior materials in your house, whether they are wooden, concrete, or metal surface. You have to choose different types of paint for those materials as a wrong choice will certainly affect the appearance of your home exterior.

For the composition, the exterior painting is usually composited from latex or alkyd that will make it resist from cracking and peeling, even in extreme weather. What’s about the interior painting? The interior panting has two basic compositions which are different from the exterior painting.

The interior painting is based on water and oil compositions. The water composition has soft smell and it is easy to dry, whereas the oil composition is good for the wall surface texture as it will create smooth and fresh finishing.

You can see the following pictures to get some inspirational ideas of interior exterior painting. You can combine or blend the colors for a good combination color schemes that you want.

Reference: primetimepaint.ca

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