Wanna Be an Interior Stylist? These Little Sneak Peek Will Uncover Their Secrets

It’s a common secret that to be an interior stylist needs a heavy dose of creativity. Yet, once in a while, even professional designers will get stuck when completing their job. They will take a moment off the work to fret about the perfect touch for finishing. No matter the hardship they encounter or often times get stuck in their own creativity, how they eventually manage to finish the work? I finally come up with a little sneak peak of their secrets when facing their styling troubles.

First of all, start to photograph the room in slices. The sliced photo gives detailed picture and makes more analytical judgement that will help in deciding what perfect detailings or colors that will be well-suited in certain furnishing. Also, when being assigned to style many rooms, avoid to use similar colors in each room. Pick out color that has different hue would create more cohesive look.

An interior stylist, at all times, would love to add a small hit of red. It doesn’t need to be excessive, just a small dose is enough to pop up the space. Not only that, as a stylist, flowers are essential as beautiful touch for a room. A thick bundle of affordable flowers can add lovely feeling. Flowers and the small detailings are set, another inexpensive way to style on a budget is by painting the wall in stripes. Purchasing a new wallpaper can cost high, so striped wall is a great alternative that has transformative impact.

In the course of styling, it’s always tempting to load all the lovely decorations. Yet, overaccessorizing a space is a big no for professional interior stylists as they want to create a proportional and balanced texture. Minimal decorations yet have a huge impact are perfect touch to style a room.

Reference: housebeautiful.com

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