Let Your Body Trapped in Serenity in Japanese Bathroom

What do you like the most about Japan? Yeah, this country is the leading of hi-tech in Asia, so you can find lots of stuff with high technology in the country. In addition, Japan is also famous with its cherry blossom, so going to japan in fall will be the best season after all. Beside that, because japan is mostly going to Temple, every architecture is likely to be zen and serene. Finally, it becomes the quirky character of japanese style which is lately exhibited in several japanese bathroom below!

Zen nuance is meant to feel the greatest atmosphere that is able to get you closer to the nature. Yeah, it is the most modest ambiance where you can talk to your mind and heart bringing deep contemplation. Nothing is as good as japanese bathroom that opens the interior to be a lot more natural with all the green view displayed in the glass window. I guess, Japanese style also works with minimalism!

If you do like to transform your flat into a nice and comforting japanese retreat, why don’t you insert a transparant walk in shower into it? There is no longer privacy if you are live alone or maybe with your beloved one. The black bar frame of the glass enclosure is nothing but the one stolen from Japan!

As I previously mentioned, Japan is the way to touch the nature, so adding some natural furniture into the bathroom will be a lot better. You can mirror at the design of japanese bathroom with wooden reclining, porcelain bathtub with wooden pattern, and also small wooden vanity!

Reference: www.japantoday.com

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