Kid-Proof & Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables Don’t Out of Date Your Style

ottoman coffee table made of woven seagrass Urban Outfitters

Parent-to-be or new parents really need to consider everything existing in home, including the furnishing pieces that should be practical, functional, and also kid-friendly. Coffee table, as one of most essential pieces in home, has to own some particular criterion supporting the kid-friendly style. Round-edge coffee table is much better than those with sharp or pointed edges. Or, tables with built-in storage unit to provide amount space for kid’s toys or stuffs are more recommended than ordinary ones. Even though you’re looking for such kind of coffee table, you can still buy the coffee table that fits your personal taste. Consider these 10 kid-friendly coffee tables we’ve collected from world’s most popular online shop.

An ottoman coffee table made of woven seagrass. The table’s top is removable for accessing under storage space. You can keep the kid’s stuffs or toys here, or maybe you want to make it as blanket storage. Most interestingly, the table is space-effective and practical solution for small living room.

Marble-gold combination – this coffee table has no pointed or sharp edges. Moreover, it still suits today’s trend.

If you want to add rustic touch, this wooden coffee table is the brilliant choice. All legs are lower than ordinary tables, and the table’s surface is smooth, so it’s good for kids.

Unique design! Personally, I really love the design. The table has smooth surface and circular shape. The color – dark blue and white – of course easily attracts the kids. Such design be favorite for most parents due to its modern look and safety.

So simple and minimalist – walnut coffee table with asymetric shape. You don’t need to worry the kid will get hurt by touching the edges and surface. It’s safe and comfortable when touched.

Drum-like coffee table made of brass. Based on physical look, it’s kid-proof and kid-friendly. Minimal design, of course, would fit any designs of living room.

Yes, this table has square shape but it doesn’t have any sharp edges, so it’s relatively safe for kids. Plus, it’s so minimalist and stylish.

Round wicker coffee table. Its strong structure can support the weight. The design is modern and inspired by ottoman furnishing pieces – so perfect to accent your living room or any seating areas. Made of sustainable and natural rattan and wood makes this table exclusively special.

Drum lovers, this is another drum-like coffee table maybe you want to add to your living room. The table is made from naturally pale-toned log that’s still exposing its natural texture and fiber-patterns. So elegant.

An ultra-sleek coffee table with round top – the best product that offers additional storage space inside. You may optimize it for toys or stuffs commonly played by your kids.

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