Lovely Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Giving new ambience to your kitchen can make your cooking activity much more fun. You do not need to change every single thing in your kitchen or even purchase new appliances. You only need to repaint your kitchen cabinets with other color that you want. By changing the color, your kitchen will look fresh and bright.

The usual kitchen cabinets usually only involve wood and white for the paint. To make it look modern, small kitchen makeover related to repainting is the simple solution. Choose yellow if you want to make your kitchen appear cheerful. You should not be shy by choosing pale yellow, but egg yolk yellow color instead. This bright color is suitable if your kitchen has good lighting. On the other hand, various shades of green offer you fresh atmosphere. If you want to keep the classic feel in the kitchen, mint green is a safe choice. Olive green is also a nice color, especially if your kitchen has marble touch on the countertop or backsplash.

Black can substitute your white cabinets when you want to create luxurious design. This dark color may look gloomy, but if you mix it with metal appliances. If you think that black is too masculine, navy blue can be an alternative color. Navy blue has a unique charm that makes your kitchen becomes more elegant, especially if it combines with white upper cabinets. If you want to keep white as the kitchen’s theme, you can add the new color only on the island or backsplash.


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