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Having an ordinary shelving system seems to be monotonous and old fashioned. That’s why you have to present an admiring shelving unit that will enhance the value of your home decorating ideas. As the solution, you can consider about organizing ladder shelving units which is impressive likes no other.

Have you already known about this furniture? Yeah, this furniture is usually made of wooden and shaped like a ladder. The unique and practical design is able to bring an appealing and distinctive appearance over the room. So, are you getting attracted to decorate this shelving unit in your home?

Here, we want to share you about the way of creating an impressive home decorating idea with this furniture. If you also find yourself interested, you can take inspirations from the pictures we have presented and follow several tips below.

First of all, select the theme that you want to decorate in your shelves. For example, you choose white colored theme. In this case, you can decorate the thing in a white scheme such as the white vase and photo frames.

Having deciding the theme, you need to position the larger items in the bottom shelves. Meanwhile, you can put the smaller items in the top shelves. In addition, make sure that you put a fragile or easy broken thing in the higher position which cannot be reached by your daughter or pet.

To add the visual interest of the shelves, you can arrange the items with a different height. For example, put a beautiful frame aside from a higher flower vase and so on. You can also add some practical items and decorative storage such as a small basket. For further details, let’s see the pictures in the following articles.

Reference: freshome.com

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