Perfect Design of Lattice Fence Design for Your Garden

In order to have such a exterior design of your house, you can use fence as the decoration. In this case, you can have such a lattice fence. What is lattice fence? Lattice fence is a fence which is made of wood with special design. It is kind of simple fence with nice design. There are so many lattice fence designs which can be used for your house exterior decoration. This post will show you some of those samples.

Cool lattice fence can be made using cane work of bamboo concept. You can see the sample in the picture, there is a nice fence which is made of bamboo cane work and has brown coloring accent. This simple fence does not cover all the house field, since it is just a decoration. Let us compare with other lattice fence which has nice concept, this fence showed in the picture is made of hardwood with adorable design. This fence is more like a kingdom gate with nice design. The color used is the original wooden color design.

The other design still has the same design, but it is simpler than before. It uses wooden concept with shorter concept. So, it seems that the fence has function to decorate the garden at the back yard. Thus, you backyard must have a lot of wonderful plants, so you need to protect them with this kind of fence. This fence is not too effective to protect such a plant from animal destruction. You must need the tougher one such as metal fence or iron made fence which is stronger than wooden concept. This lattice fence is actually only for decorating your exterior house decoration.


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