Get Practical & Space-Efficient with This List of Ten Corner Sink Designs

traditional kitchen design double corner sink in white black finished countertop white subway tiled backsplash stainles steel faucet Houzz

If you have a kitchen set or powder room with unique design, a corner sink becomes one of the solutions. Such kind of placement is effective and clever to optimize the use of floor plan. Another benefit is there are still more potential downs and sides to figure out.

Visually, the corner sink looks so awkward and hard to work with, but I personally admit that it looks awesome. The sink may not offer more advantages as what the regular type can give, but it has sets of special characteristics that can support the performance. With this idea, at least we can maximize the dead corner for more functional, practical, and active part.

Well, to see more ideas of corner sink, I proudly would like to show off a list of ten designs of corner sink complete with brief information. I wish these designs could be best references or inspirations for you who’re looking for the best one for your current kitchen.

Expose More the Unbroken Counter

This corner sink doesn’t cut off the flow of the countertop, so you will have more space to work. We all know, all corner countertops aren’t easy to design for prep table or any busy space, so this corner sink idea can be a good option.

Double Corner Sink, Why Not

traditional kitchen design double corner sink in white black finished countertop white subway tiled backsplash stainles steel faucet


Double corner sink offers more space for washing. This will be a great choice if you have lots of dishware to clean up.

Large Proportion Corner Sink, Good Choice for Comfy Washing

Some people prefer large-scale corner sink to common size type by reason. Feel comfortable while washing becomes one of the reasons why they really love this kind of sink. Here the designer pairs this sink off with cherry wood cabinets to create a warmer look, and the lighting fortunately empowers that effect.

Farmhouse sink corner for Dominant White Setting

Love white so much? Well, this traditional kitchen set is dominated by white, including the sink which is obviously made of white porcelain. Its  30 inch width, allows you have much more space for washing. The width also never lets you get many troubles with the splashes pouring out of the sink, so the nearest area will keep clean and dry.

Double Corner Sink with Optimal Width

It’s clever to put such option of sink in a narrow corner. It can be more functional with the double basin; it provides more options of space for cleaning up the dishware & cookware. With deeper surface, you’ll also be easier to keep your countertop and floor dry.

Corner Sink with Clean-Lined Cut

Choose a clean-lined corner sink for modern look. It’s not only practical, but also stylish. To make it more significantly obvious, combine it with opposing color schemes like black satin finishing for cabinets and gold-toned granite countertop.

Deep-Recessed Farmhouse Corner Sink 

The designer considers choosing this recessed farmhouse corner sink instead of ordinary type by particular reasons. It’s less cleaning difficulty and it’s different to other common sinks. And white is selected to oppose the solid black countertop. That’s a beautiful contrast, right?

Corner Sink Exposing Design Flexibility 

Most numbers of corner sinks are best for small kitchens. They offer full functionality and practical use. They’re also flexible in size and design; both can be customized based on the needs and space capacity.

Unique Shape Corner Sink

This corner sink looks like possessing the additional tray. The tray may be called a prep sink, a surface for putting the clean cookware or dishware.

A custom sink made from concrete with red heart-toned finish. Such piece is designed to fit any dead corner space, and it’s built by a local craftsman. The color noticeably fits the wooden interior, and a round glass window here obviously gives a unique accent in this room.

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