Living in Castle Tower is Not Possible Anymore!

Numerous castle towers around Ireland and England are available for holiday stays for tourists nowadays. Perception about horror castle tower that gives goose bumps disappear once you see these castles below.

These medieval towers are built as defensive construction from enemies that may come from time to time. Therefore, each tower is usually located in high landscape and made of strong high wall with narrow window. While some towers are abandoned and falls into ruin, the owners of the following towers take them carefully and make them as rustic bed and breakfast place that offer an extraordinary experience.

Helen’s Tower is a tower built in October 1861. The designer of this castle tower is William Burn ordered by Lord Dufferin who dedicates it to his beloved mother. This tower offers double bedroom, reading room, living room, and kitchen that is linked by a spiral staircase. The second building is Wicklow Head Lighthouse that is built in 1781. Since 1990, this lighthouse has offered amazing scenery from the Irish Sea and the natural countryside view.

Each room has a small floor plan, but the architect solves it by using solid white paint color for the ceiling plus barrier. As the outcome, each area feels dazzling also wider. Doonagore Castle is wonderful castle located on a hill in Ireland. Unfortunately, you cannot stay in the tower house, but you can lodge in Sea View House near the tower. If you are afraid living in a castle, you can choose The House in the Clouds in England. This house has unique architecture because it is actually a water tower. You can stay in this 70-feet high tower for around $800 per night.

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