Decorating Loft Home Design with Scandinavian Feeling

Have you ever imagined to have your home up on the loft? Yeah, it is perfectly a secret to get that stunning idea! juggling the super wide dark loft into a cozy retreat distributing bedroom to kitchen must be a nice idea I ever buzz to you. I wonder how you will feel it really free to do anything that you want. The charm is just too gorgeous, and definitely the scandinavian style is more that you can easily find anywhere. Here, don’t take more time, let’s enjoy spectacular loft home with scandinavian idea!

The room is ready to stun you with all the white navy blue gorgeous combination. It is quite quirky to look at some rustic exposed wooden beams on the white ceiling. You also have highly appreciated the string lighting installed to bring the dark tone into great enjoyment! What else that you need more in the winter but the simple fireplace in navy blue coat?

Let’s touch the living space with all the gracious gray sofa and the lovely white, cream and black with polka dot throw pillows. The thing that you cannot miss is the stripe black ad white area rug that is so scandinavian! Containing some potted indoor plants, I am so grateful to see the rectangle glass coffee table!

Setting yourself in the kitchen section is a pampering spot curved in in corner style bathed in white and black tile backsplash. It looks like there is no loft idea in this vibe, a but a luxurious kitchen in a condo! The arrangement of the exposed rustic wooden beams makes the room like a hall to exhibit who you are!

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