Log Homes Plans and Designs

Log homes plans and designs are usually design to evoke rustic style. These are perfect for rustic setting such as mountain setting where family and friends can gather happily in a cozy log home after fishing at the lake hunting at the woods. A log home, in general, has single room built from timbers. And today such log home is adopted as comfortable residential home that offers the enjoyment and beauty.

Like regular residential homes, log homes plans and designs consist of several functional rooms such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc as the interior. A porch designed in rustic style is built as the significant accent. The porch is not the only one option of outdoor space you can build as the part of your log home. Deck and veranda also become good choices for outdoor mountain setting. Even, a larger log home often has more than one veranda/ deck/ porch.

As log homes plans and designs are perfect for mountain setting, most of them are constructed for sloping lots which are completed with wall-out basement plus some additional essential rooms such as bedroom or living room. How about the interior? Most of log homes’ interior is in minimalist or rustic style. The interior is spacious exposing timber trusses. The ceilings are highlighted by original timbers.

Entirely, log homes plans and designs are comfortable and warm feel due to their wood walls and rustic charms. Here are some pictures exposing some interior and exterior parts of log homes.

Reference: www.architecturaldesigns.com

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