Long Media Console: Make A Stylish Organizer to Your Rooms

Media storage or media console is so crucial to apply to a room to accommodate, to store, and to organize the media and its stuffs in order to look well-organized and comfortable to see. Wide ranges of media console are now available in furniture stores. Select the one that fulfill your need and personal taste. Among those media console designs, a long media console still becomes the favorite one as it is perfect for putting the media like TV.

A long media console is designed in variant models, materials, and styles. The most common model of long media console, till today, is glass-door media console in which solid wood becomes the major material of this console. This model is specialized into frameless glass-door media console and framed glass-door media console. These sub-models are intended to construct special for the owners who want to display the stuffs behind the glass-door media console. Actually, framed glass-door or frameless glass-door models are expanded cabinet version.

Cabinets and drawers mounted on long media console are not only as the storage systems, but they are also as decorative parts of the console. A modern minimalist media console, for instance, commonly has less decorative items. It has cabinets and drawers units that are exposed in minimalist look. Shiny metal handles or just simplest metal handles become the special characteristic of minimalist console’s drawers and cabinets. Then, the entire parts of design are intentionally made in clear and firm look.

Either long media console or regular media console offers three styles of media installations. The styles are: mounted-TV installation over the wall, floating TV installation, and regular TV installation. These styles are proper to all interior styles. To give you clearer description about console, here we give you the newest long media console designs.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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