Long Media Console Plays Significant Role with Fashion

Where you usually add your media console? Of course you have it in your living room and some people may have it in their bedrooms. It is actually not merely a console that should carry on the amusing stuff on it. I think it plays significant role beyond it! Instead of only a plain furniture, long media console adds interior with fashion!

Not only in living room or bedroom, long media console maybe inserted in the hallway too. Wooden console may become the most adorable design as it matched any interior perfectly. A wooden long media console appears in stylish look with recessed pattern and open storage. Four legs added for vintage look, but the flower vas on its countertop brings modern look!

Meanwhile, if you deserve to have a long media console with plenty of cases, then this white wooden design must be the best choice. It offers you open storage which is filled with rattan basket while the rest are all small cases. Unique!

Further, a long media console displays its multifunction with bookshelves. So, not only a set of television you can add here, some books and other stuff are also available.

Brown wooden long media console is another sophisticated design. Plenty of stainless steel legs are added for firm and adorable outlook. Of course it also offers storage to meet your organizer need.

Then, natural wooden long media console steals every eye with its great tone. Other than tone, it also breaks all rules that it should be a media storage. The fact that files invades the design stylishly breaks all the stereotype!

Reference: www.highfashionhome.com

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