Love Airy-Feel & Light Interiors? Be Ready To Fall In Love After Accessing These Ideas

sitting corner wicker loveseat with a throw pillow feather like ornament Boho wall decor

It feels so glad when we’re decorating our home based on our personal style and need. Clean look and airy are just few criterions most people like today, and these criterions of course will contribute for further decoration result. Well, there are so many ideas of clean look and airy-feel decorating ideas, but here we just want to pick the best ones taken from our favorite site, Pinterest, then we want to share them for you. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you.

Very simple but classy. The wicker seat looks like a midcentury modern loveseat, enabling to accommodate two persons. I really like the wall hanging, instantly adding Boho touch to this space, and the feather-like ornament obviously completes the existing interior pieces.

So bright and airy-feel. Being dominated by white, this commercial space exposes more the natural material, especially wood. Light wood use here looks so obvious due to white-dominance, so it’s fine if there’re some potted plants as the vivid ornaments as well as green-tone makers.

Rustic farmhouse bedroom design in pale tone. Pale here gives an airy look, including the exposed wood beams that work well with another light-tone of interior pieces.

Off-white sitting corner. The wood element here becomes the most stunning object due to its tone: wood color, visually being so obvious when furnishing such all-white interior.

Wood color and white, each definitely represents natural and modern feel, so if you wanna have a modern setting with a little bit natural touch, this kitchen design is the perfect recommendation.

The space showcases a complete package of basic materials like red bricks, marbles, natural wood, and concrete. Interestingly, the designer keeps the brick exposed, creating a contrasting finish against all-white interior. Also, the brick finish gives the industrial touch to this open-space.

An ergonomic space consisting a kitchen, bedroom, and a larger space for sitting area or living room. White and wood finishings obviously make the space airy and natural-look, really matching for such a limited space. So inspiring.

Well-light and airy bedroom. The high ceilings and glass windows always support airy look, even more there are semi-transparent white curtains that can filter the natural light accessing through the windows, as if they bring a windy atmosphere inside the room. Lovely!

Generally, the space feels so airy due to the existing tones and large glass windows addition that let the light comes in, but the furniture choice adds another tone, the darker-neutral, obtained from the wood frame and cushions used in sofa, automatically makes the space is color-rich.

Modern, bright, and airy. This apartment-size home suits for a new couple. Big glass windows without curtains allow you to visually access the view outside; also let the light in, giving the space large amount of natural light. It’s also supported with white interior finish that instantly brings the space clean look.

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