Love Airy & Minimalist Look? Feel Free to Adopt These Gorgeous Neutral Interior Ideas

small and minimalist living room black framed photography modern white living room set medium size succulent on po white area rug white pouf Idecorgram

Neutral interiors always seem calm and elegant. Minimalist and Scandinavian are two interior trends mostly chosen if you want to remodel your interiors with neutral palettes. White, gray, beige, stone, and natural wood are some color palettes commonly found in this style, and comfy furniture and fireplace are two main signatures of interior ideas with neutral palettes. To get a bit glam, add some elements such as expensive fabrics, vivid houseplants, and grand furniture sets. Want to get this idea in your mind? Here are some great ideas of neutral interiors probably will be your inspiration.

A hearty living room with a bunch of comfort and style. The slipcovers always look so comfy in white. They offer smooth and fluffy surface to sit on. And these old & shabby window shutters are exactly giving a visual attractiveness, especially when they feature such a cottage-themed living room. What a beautiful contrast!

Give the accent color to your living room and make it a statement of room that softly colorizes that room. Soft but intense – choose such blue type and pair them off with wood colors like these log side tables. A cowhide here doesn’t only add the natural element, but also the textural color scheme to this room. Completely attractive!

Add the rustic touch and make it stands out. Wooden bench-side table, in this picture, becomes the most stunning piece among light neutral interior pieces.

Use high-intense neutral palettes to make the living room all out. You can start from the furniture as the main interior piece. Brown leather sofa accented by monochromatic throw pillows is the perfect choice. With white wall background, the furniture looks beautifully contrasted. Moroccan rug also seems good to combine as it performs distinctive patterns and colors.

Natural wood applied on couch and floors give visual warmth. Thank to the designer that has chosen such a trendy floor lamp. Its black color reflects huge modern look and its dimmer lighting effect extremely blends well with the whole interior. About the plant, it’s too much but still relatively match with the concept.

coastal themed living room in neutral tone soft neutral sofa woven area rug woven side table woven rocking chair medium size tropical houseplants

Popy Home

All color tones convey warmth and vibrancy of space. It involves amount of nature’s products such as these tropical houseplants and woven rug as the part of natural elements. When they’re featured with soft neutrals, the space looks visually calm yet fresh, really fits for coastal-theme interior idea.

Lovely color choice. It’s inspired from the owner’s individual fashion taste in which it exposes soft yet stunned palette. Modern monochrome perfectly covers the throw pillows and pot. I also personally love the clock. The colors blend well with the existed color schemes.

Look at the carpet; the prints are minimalist yet obvious, adding the accent to the interior’s base. The darker schemes on decorative pillows make them so aesthetically obvious and bold when combined with such soft beige sofa. And the wood element of course gives natural warmth in visual way. What a perfect setting!

Obviously bold. This sofa looks great with its bold brown, making it most stunning in this Scandinavian living room. With modern rug addition, the space looks visually cozy and stylish.

Make your neutral-toned interior much more fun and wonderful just with bold colors and prints. Use the playful prints for accenting your neutral furniture. Put a little but significant prints that can make your interior cheerful and cozy.

small and minimalist living room black framed photography modern white living room set medium size succulent on po white area rug white pouf


White dominates the space and it creates minimalist. Medium-sized succulent here gives an accent, while a group of pictures here take a role as the wall statements.

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