Love In-Pink Decor Idea? Try This Cake Shop Interior to Keep Your Pinky Space Stylish

soft pink interior design soft pink wall painting with light gray floral pattern soft pink sofa in midcentury modern style wood floors My Domaine

It’s unbelievable when a professional photographer got fun inspiration just from stepping inside and exploring a small cake shop where she found pretty pink interior idea. Not only the facade, the designer also saw all interior pieces dominated by crisp pink. Maybe this is gonna be a new reference for those with in-pink interest that then would be tried for home interior. Let’s start to take this interior tour, and learn more how to fit this style into your lovely home.

Elegant and feminine-look with soft pink. The cake-shop owner really has exclusive taste of tone. Yes, the interior is dominated by girly color scheme, soft pink, that reveals so many details of beauty on it. The floral accents on pink walls, for instance, seem obvious but not really visible due to a perfect color combination of pink and light gray. The pendant, another direct interest, is put rightly over the sofa, becoming a statement showcasing the grand brass structure and attractive orbs.

Great taste of tiles; this counter’s paneling actually exposes a mosaic tile structure adopted from some earthy neutrals such as brown and gray. Pink tile addition here is just the complement to suit the master color of interior.

If you’re obsessed with a bay window, take this bay window design as the reference. Talking about the bay window, we then start with the bench. Based on this idea, the designer adds some pink throw pillows to create the best spot & angle.

Full of details, including the display and storage solutions. Both sections are painted in the same color scheme, soft pink, and accented with a couple of brass-hooked orbs.

The furniture choice and accessory are better to fit the theme. In this lady-like-theme interior, the coffee table with marble top sounds a good option as it shows simply clean, elegant, and minimalist look – aspects that support the adults’ personal taste. Yes, these decorative vintage tea cups also bring massive contribution in aesthetic improvement.

In-pink decor style can also be applied for your linens including the curtains. The color would be dramatic when combined with crisp white like this one. It’s contrary in beautiful way.

Pink and brass colors are elegant. They simply add luxury just by color combination. Complete the decor with another brass accessory like this brass candle-stand.

So fluffy and cozy. There is no reason to leave out this seat when enjoying the morning tea or coffee. Smooth upholstery cover here is point plus but just put such fury or woven throw pillows to add texture.

Give a pink statement, just a little. Use this statement as the background of simple furniture piece to make it greater. This is an instant way for transforming a thing into a masterpiece.

Each element displays different color revealing the character of texture. Personally, I love the color combination; they contrast but deliver a good cohesiveness.

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