Make A Standing Desk Manually to Afford A Healthy Working Style

Make a standing desk seems so difficult, right? But actually it is easy if you follow step by step of making a standing desk guideline. A standing desk is better seen from the health. You as the worker perhaps always feel so tired of sitting all day in front of your computer. Sitting for a long time is really not good for our health. By using a standing desk, it can reduce negative effect of sitting. A standing desk, especially those designed by big and popular furniture manufacturers like Ikea, must be sold in extra cost. You can reduce your expanse of buying the office furniture you need, build it your own seems so good idea. In this case, you can build your standing desk by yourself.

As the core or base of standing desk, use a regular desk (all sizes). It is better to choose metal-legs-desk and metal panels underneath it. Metal panel under the desk will be able to support the extra weight and to prevent the desk from flexing because of a lot of weight. Adjustable legs are much better to use in order to make easier when you want to set up the height.

To make a standing desk, a monitor stand can be built separately with keyboard and mouse stand. So, here you have two shelves: one for your monitor and one more for your keyboard plus mouse. You can make another elevated desk design if you want. Just put a smaller desk to put the monitor. The material commonly used is wood or honeycomb cardboard which is lighter but strong. Keyboard plus mouse stand are put together on the base desk. It is so simple, right?

As far, honeycomb cardboard is the best material of building the additional/ elevated desk of a standing desk because it can hold and support extra weight (computer and your arm weight when you’re operating the computer). It is also not easy to flex when you put heavy properties on it. So, are you going to try now? Get your satisfaction by trying to make a standing desk by yourself.


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