Make Your Home Fresh and Vividly Fantastic with These Inspiring & Unique Greenery Decor Ideas

fresh and vivid flowers in clear glass a pile of books Pinterest

Greenery as the houseplants is one of the solutions to make the interior spaces fresher and more alive. It is not hard to implement this idea but you need to be more carefully when mixing and matching it with other interior items like the furniture and room accessories. To add more inspirations, here are ten best ideas of greenery decor that can make your interiors look lovely and fresh.

woven planter with houseplants white planter with houseplants hardwood console table in midcentury modern style


Such tropical houseplants look amazing when supported with simple yet artsy planters like these ones. The bigger one is the woven planter that obviously gives the texture and natural tone, so both planter and houseplant seem like the couple that can be matched each other, while the white one looks simpler, so it can give a modern touch to this space.

woven planter with light wood stand huge houseplants velvet modern sofa in broken white with stripe texture


Indoor plant like this one is the best way to keep in touch with the nature and of course it also brings so many benefits for our body and mental health. The plant can be the natural purifier that can effectively filter the air. I love the planter and the stand; they’re soft and neutral in tone, really connecting to the grand theme: close to the nature.

So modern. The space is supported with simple and clean line furniture set that really meets with the homeowner’s lifestyle. A tropical houseplant here is so stunning, obviously adds a natural freshness to this small seating area.

Indoor vines are also recommended to refresh any interiors, and this one is just one of the examples how the interior vines instantly garnish the space. They also serve health benefit to any people around.

DIY greenery centerpiece consisting of upside down wine glass greenery and ornate candles


Need a newly fresh centerpiece idea? Then you can’t skip this idea. DIY greenery centerpiece with candles is a great idea to try and these are easy to make. Just use the tiny greenery and put them onto the upside down wine glasses. Also add some green leaves for the base of ornate candles and make the bases of wine glasses as the candle stands. Simple, isn’t it?

Creative and innovative. A greenery chandelier is actually a DIY one and it simply made from a medium-size tree’s branch, Mason jar light fixtures, and some succulents. It’s beautiful and unique as it exposes several hanging Mason jar light fixtures in different height.

Looks so elegant and simple. This ornate greenery and flowers in clear glass can be a stunning centerpiece for your reading nook.

Need an ornate thing for your window? This idea is really recommended for you. Simply add single-leaf greenery and a clear ball-shape glass as the planter for a simple decoration. Make it a direct focal point of your room.

Sometimes adding an artsy wall decor is also a solution to make any space visually more interesting, but add huge greenery is better to balance the visual. I really love the furniture in this room; it’s warm and neutral. It also helps the greenery looks more vivid and eye-catching.

A dream balcony with greenery. The whole space is clean, light, and airy look. Dominated with crisp white, the balcony still feels warm and fresh brought by the existing natural elements like wooden and greenery.

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