Metal and Wood Bookcase for Creating Warm-Modern Blend Look

Metal and wood are two contrast items in which metal is identical with cold and wood is warm. When both are mixed as industrial-style bookcase, it will be super rustic book storage. Such bookcase is refined and smooth in look. Rustic lovers must be amazed possessing such bookcase. It can be a focal point for non-rustic room style.

Metal and wood bookcase has been produced in so many selections. Movable bookcase with wheels is just one sample of model you can choose from. Ladder bookcase is another model that’s so perfect for a small reading corner or room. Floating metal-wood bookcase becomes the next choice for you who want to have unique wood-metal blend bookcase. Corner metal-wood bookcase sounds so appealing to be placed as corner decorative piece. All of them are effectively suit for space-limited rooms.

For rustic lovers, you have two options of metal and wood bookcase coat. Clear coat and colored coat are available for you and they exactly will make your bookcase looks authentic rustic. Clear coat just protects the material’s original color. It also keeps the quality of woods and metal’s color from any damage risks due to over-time use.

To answer your curiosity about the metal and wood bookcase, here we share some for you. We hope these designs will be new references or inspirations for you. Just find them out in our gallery.


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