Microwave Drawer Reviews

Most people store pans, pots, silverware, and even the garbage bin in the drawers. With doing this, all kitchen stuffs are cluttered and it frees the space up. Now, something new comes in your kitchen. Microwave drawer is a new idea of storing a microwave in practical way. It is a new revolution, especially for kitchen organization. Since its appearance, few people love it and others think that it’s weird. What about you?

Based on microwave drawer reviews, microwave drawer is a special drawer designed as the microwave storage. The drawer is under kitchen countertops. Like regular drawers, microwave drawers have commonly ‘pull out’ feature rather than ‘swing open door’. A microwave drawer fits the kitchen cabinets due to its size about 1 cubic foot. The size is standard size of a kitchen drawer in general. Most microwave drawers are equipped with safety features like safety locks for the home owners with toddler.

Still based on microwave drawer reviews, there are some benefits of using the microwave drawer for a kitchen. First, it makes the kitchen look so cool and different to most kitchens out there. One would be thought when we are talking about a microwave is it is one of high-tech kitchen appliances, everyone want to upgrade the feel and look of their kitchen. Equipping the kitchen with a microwave drawer is something must consider.

Second, a microwave drawer is lower, so it can be easier for you or little daughter to reach it. You can teach her how to heat the foods up by using a microwave. The last, it is space saver, especially for the counter space, so you can use much free space of countertops for other needs. Here are some designs of microwave drawers taken from online microwave drawer reviews. Just check them out.

Reference: blog.yaleappliance.com

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