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Metal Modern Mailbox Idea
Cool And Minimalist Mailbox In Silver Tone Color
White And Red Mide Century Modern Mailbox Idea With Black Metal Stand
Simple Metal Mid Century Modern Mailbox Mounted On Wall
Envelope Shaped Glossy Metalbox Mail Mounted On Wall
Cool And Unique Mid Century Modern Boxes For Mails
Simple But Elegant Modern Mailbox In Silver Tone Color
Blue And Orange Modern Boxes For Mails Laid On Giant White Box Planter
Wall Mounted Metal Modern Box For Mails With Stainless Steel Decoration In The Center
Simple And Minimalist Metal Modern Mailbox With Black Colored Door

Mid century modern mailbox is actually adopted from those which are produced in 1950s to 1960s. The mailboxes are typically designed in two different tones of color. The designs present the clean line in which this line is the point of meeting between those two tones of color. This clean line, then, becomes the most striking characteristic of these mailbox products.

The colors used to beautify mid century modern mailbox are the exterior accent tones of color which are resistant to any weather conditions. These mailboxes surely will become a functional as well as decorative item for your home exterior. The products look great if you combine them with modern, contemporary, or mid century home.

If you are attracted to have one, just buy it and see what cool your new mailbox is. Mid century modern mailbox is sold separately. The mailbox is made from finest steel, so it is tough and durable. Its flag cap and door are made of light aluminum and the size plus color vary. You have a wide option of colors, such as blue, grey, red, orange, yellow, black, blue navy, and scarlet. These colors are only applied for the body of flag cap.

Mid century modern mailbox is also available in one color like pure white color. You can also put the house number on the flag cap if you want. That’s so interesting, right? Actually, there are still many more variants of such modern mailbox. To know more about their designs, check them in our gallery.

Reference: design-milk.com

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