Midcentury Modern Décor Style: Perfect Option for Connecting Nature and Modernity through Living Space

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galvanazed glass wall panel round top side table in midcentury modern style Pinterest

Galvanazed Glass Wall Panel Round Top Side Table In Midcentury Modern Style
Midcentury Modern Dining Space With Midcentury Modern Dining Furniture Set Dark Red Tiled Floors White Walls With Baseboard
Midcentury Modern Home Design With Wood Bench Seat Black Area Rug Wood Floors Sliding Glass Door
White Kitchen Cabinets Wood Top Preparing Table Round Top Stools In Midcentury Modern Style Modern Industrial Pendant Lamp
Midcentury Modern Living Room With Modern Leather Sofa Wooden Coffee Table Director Rocking Chair Minimalist Wood Shelving Unit Modern Area Rug Herringbone Shaped Wood Floors Modern Industrial Pendant
Midcentury Modern Chair And Table With Dark Cushion Addition Modern Fireplace Shag Rug With Modern Pattern
Open Concept Living Room With Gray Sofa Wood Top Coffee Table With Black Metal Legs Red Chair Creative Side Table Modern Fireplace Gray Staircase With Railings
Midcentury Modern Living Room With Comfy Corner Chair Midcentury Modern Console Table Dark Tiled Floors Floor To Ceiling Draperies In Dusty White
Midecentury Modern Daybed With White Tufted Cushion And Boho Style Accent Pillows
Midcentury Modern Living Room With Huge Wooden Display Rack Fabulous Chairs In Light Blue Oval Shaped Coffee Table Blue Area Rug Wood Space Divider With Blurred Glass Addition

Midcentury modern is the real product of modern décor ideas that focuses on the combination of nature and modernity. The style has been developed since 20th century and it was used in the first time in 1950s and reused in 1983. Midcentury modern is introduced by Cara Greenberg through a book entitled Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s (Random House). Because of my interest in this décor style, I’ve collected the best Midcentury modern décor ideas on my blog. I would be very happy if these ideas will inspire you.

I pick a sofa as the first furniture crush that can style up any midcentury modern interiors. Actually, the sofa has classic look. It has removable armrests that are actually just the squishy bolster pillows. It seems like the sofa has a ‘wing’ (the extended surface) that can be used as the integrated side table for drinks, books, or magazines.

My favorite hallway. I love how the designer uses blurred acrylic panel as the wall. It’s a beautiful way to keep the natural light in and keep giving privacy.

To keep connecting to the nature, the designer uses the natural woods as the basic materials for the furniture. It’s well applied in these furniture pieces in which the designer showcases the original texture and tone of the natural woods. The cushions are added to the chairs for more comfort and style.

Gorgeous midcentury modern furniture pieces – they’re clean lines and simple. Its soft color shade also reflects modernity. Just complete the space with a huge shelving unit as the display corner where you can put and show off the decorative items including your beautiful greenery.

This space would be favorite sitting area where you can take a seat then get relax and enjoy the refreshing view outside. Such design is meant to integrate the nature into the living space simply through the sliding glass door and windows.

I think this simple sitting area brings a masculine vibe. Starting from the furniture choice to color schemes used in this room, we’ve found simple, mature, and elegant style that commonly reflected by the masculinity.

So gorgeous. I really love the use of dark red terracotta tiles for the base/ floors. They’re classic yet timeless and visually add special texture on color. Although finished in dark red scheme, the tiles are still visualizing clean, simple, and minimalist. Maybe whites (on walls and other interior pieces) have a big contribution on that.

This is actually a transformation of storage room owned by someone whose a messy tool-board, and just see, the result is so amazing. Even, this is much cozier than the living room. The tool-board has been remodel and  added some ornate things like a map and even there is a console table in front of that. The most favorite spot is the corner of space where I’ve found a super-comfy chair with its futuristic design. As the backdrop, the designer amazingly adds a dramatic drapery installed from the ceiling to the floors.

An open-concept with a minimalist interior décor style. Look at this room, this is uncluttered; not too much stuffs spread out. We just see a modern sofa and its coffee table, minimalist fireplace, and recessed wood shelving units. The wall décor actually gives interesting color accent.

Feels so airy and refreshing because this kitchen space gets plenty of natural light passing through several glass windows. This is an instant way if you want your rooms get well-lighted affordably. Also, make sure that you’ve painted off the rooms with bright and light color schemes like whites.

This is recommended for you guys who love the airy-bright home with a bit of industrial touch. These modern industrial pendant lights have attracted me. They’re so fabulous and successfully add the direct statements to this living room.

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