Minimalist Platform Bed: Designs and Pictures

Platform bed frames are often used by home owners who love simplicity and sleek look for their bedroom. Such bedroom furniture doesn’t take up much of space to fit it. It’s also airy and feels like not require you to have such a box spring. Besides, a platform bed frame is quite affordable.

Platform bed frames are available in a lot of styles. One of the most popular styles is minimalist platform bed. Low-profile bed frame, less details, and fewer features become the main characteristics of this bed frame. The beds’ body is commonly wider/ larger than regular ones. There is no headboard and footboard for such bed model. The feature that is employed into such minimalist platform bed is a pair of built-in bedside table which are designed in similar material, model, and finishing with the bed. Even, few of them don’t have any additional feature, so it’s just a bed frame without bedside tables or any else features.

Like regular bed frame products, minimalist platform bed frames are finished with several optional coats. Natural brown, dark brown, and clear coat become the most favorite coats used by most numbers of manufacturers. They believe that these finish-schemes present originally natural effect for the bed. Even, unfinished platform bed frames are listed as the most wanted ones. This shows that the series of platform bed frames (any styles, sizes, and features availability) are produced for the users loving mix modernity-nature look.

Let’s be back on minimalist platform bed frames. There are a lot size options you can choose. The options include standard, single, queen, full, king, and super king sizes. Ensure yourself to choose the best and most fitted one to your bedroom size and decor idea. It’s really important to achieve best bedroom appearance. See more the designs in our gallery.


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