Mirrors over Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Living Room With A Fireplace

Mirrors over fireplace mantels are timeless in style and smart interior decor strategy. The decorative mirror adds the depth and reflects attractive interior feature to the room. The reflection on mirror meets the effect of the objects near the fireplace, such as the candles, decorative candle holders or other pieces. The mirror placed over the fireplace also creates both the most updated and traditional look, depending on the owners’ choice and how you position it.

In decorating a room with mirrors over fireplace, there are several things to be considered. One of these things is the accurate measurement of mirror and room itself. To create a classic look, get the maximum width for your mirror that fits above the mantel. For safety purpose, make sure that there is no risk of falling down or falling over when the kids are playing near the fireplace.

Can we use a group of mirrors with different shapes? The answer is YES. Different mirror shapes offer eye-catching look. Oval-shaped mirrors combined odd-shaped mirrors gives unique decoration idea for your fireplace mantel. Moreover, this idea gives more dimensions for the mantel. To make them more gorgeous and stylish, add them unique frames. Just compare to the mirror with flat or beveled frame; a group of mirrors with unique frame is much more attractive than flat-framed mirror.

The mirror with large size creates spacious effect of larger view. Large mirrors over fireplace mantels make the area of the wall invincible and reflect back all features in the front of them. Another effect created by decorative mirrors over the fireplace is higher-ceiling effect, especially if we use tall mirror mounted on wall above the fireplace. These two effects are quite perfect for you who want to create a larger illusion for your small room.

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