Modern Baseboards Types

Modern baseboards are not only being constructed for particular intention, but also for certain functional. The home’s baseboard today becomes the most favorite as it offers modern look to the home constructions. To see more detail about the modern baseboards, here we share information for you.

Basically, there are three designs of modern baseboards. The designs are 3 ½ inches applied baseboards, 3 ½ inches flush baseboards, and 1×1 inch baseboards. Each design has different characteristic, especially in board width and shape. Typical 3 ½ inches applied baseboards have 3 ½ inches or 5 ½ inches height. They are flush with the wall system. But, they need extra care. You must ask the expert’s help to install them. The point plus of this kind of modern baseboard is that its look is always clean. Another point plus is they are cost-efficient.

Typical 3 ½ inches flush modern baseboards are very eye-catching because they have so unique look. Their vertical side reveals at the break parts and doors, while the horizontal side reveals at the base flush that then meets the vertical side. The flush part of baseboard can be another functional part like a vertical bumper that is used for a sliding door. The flush baseboard creates the clean transition at particular areas like in the stairways.

This last modern baseboard type has tiny and low section. The section covers the path between the floor and drywall. The section also gives the bumper for vacuum cleaner, shoes, and so on. The base ‘color can be matched with the adjoining the carpet or any kinds of home parts nearest the baseboards. The final goal is to achieve synchronizing profile, so you and other people visiting your home will not draw intention to the baseboard.


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