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modern bohemian kitchen idea orange wall color flower patterned tiles for backsplash gray kitchen cabinets wood countertop ethnic runner houseplants Harper Bazaar

Modern Bohemian Reading Nook Round Glass Top Coffee Table With White Wire Base White Shag Rug Modern Wood Hall Console Hanging Greenery Pendant With White Wire Lampshade
Modern Bohemian Living Room Idea Decorative Wall Mirror With Brass Finishing Wood Display Mid Century Modern Wood Side Table Yellow Pouch Blue Mid Century Modern Sofa And Coffee Table Rug With M
Modern Boho With Contemporary Lounge Chair Moroccan Coffee Table Ethnic Rug Contemporary Floor Lamp Houseplant
Modern Bohemian Seating Area Hand Crafted Wood Chair Multicolored Pillows Black Round Side Table Modern Metal Chair Dark Wood Floor Blue Wallpaper Two Wall Arts In Blue
Eclectic Modern Bohemian Living Room White Wall Color Pop Wall Art Textured Wood Coffee Table Colorful Vases Colorful Pillows Gray Sofa
Modern Bohemian Idea Decorative Long Horn Wall Decor White Painted Brick Walls Yellow Wall Decor Vivid Houseplant
Modern Bohemian Kitchen Idea Orange Wall Color Flower Patterned Tiles For Backsplash Gray Kitchen Cabinets Wood Countertop Ethnic Runner Houseplants
Open Concept Living Room In Modern Bohemian Style Light Blue Wall White Trimmed Windows Red Sofa Blue Sofa White Rocking Chair Shabby Black Fireplace
Modern Bohemian Seating Area Decorative Wall Art In Light Orange Multicolored Throw Pillows Bench With Woven Wood Seater
Modern Bohemian Powder Room Wood Vanity Mirror With Decorative Floral Motifs White Wicker Black Vanity Chair Light Wood Floors

Modern bohemian for home represents the uniqueness and complexity of the owner’s preference. The idea focuses on bohemian implementation but still exposes modern touch. All we know that bohemian uses the layers of different colors, patterns, and even textures applied in one frame rather than the clean look as what most contemporary style displays. But here, I’ll show you the combination of these two styles. Let’s start checking to know more for the details.

The real bohemian explores the bright color palettes and obvious layers of patterns, but for more modern look, we need to minimize the patterns. Add a simpler color like this room to reduce the sense of heavy bohemian. Need to try.

Ethnic-inspired items and contemporary touch blend into a modern bohemian. The idea will be great if we apply it in a classic architecture with modern interior pieces like floor lamp, reclining chair, and movable book rack.

Bohemian means full of collected ‘treasure’, but if you want to change it a little bit brighter, just select light accessories or modern pieces that exactly work creating a cluster of light ‘treasure’.

Another principal of modern bohemian is bringing life into design by including living plants (houseplants). In this modern bohemian kitchen, for instance, is beautified by a lot of houseplants evoking the bohemian characteristic.

Still about bringing life into modern bohemian design. Hanging greenery sounds interesting to apply for. It keeps the space larger and truly effective to save the space. Not too much, just a little greenery to achieve the desired style, unless you want to build a jungle look.

Perhaps this setting is still exposing the real bohemian, but there is a bit modern touch showcased by a metal chair and ‘naked’ wood floor (at least no layers of carpet covering on it). I’ve found a unique case here; the designer is combining the pillows’ patterns instead of matching them, creating a trick of modern bohemian.

A wicker can be an instant element that adds a modern bohemian vibe in your home. You can also mix it up with other different furnishing pieces and supporting bohemian items like sheepskin, leather, or even cowhide carpet.

Pop of colors, of course, become the easiest elements to give a bit cool and pop style in your bohemian room. It’s free to put this kind of color shade in any interior pieces, including the accessories or even the primary furnishings like sofa.

Add the artwork for giving more textural colors. The colors simply enrich the existed tone in room, letting us to have much more color shades we have owned from the pillowcases and vases.

Full of layers of color, texture, and pattern but still clean and light. The lighter tones like blue and white are well applied for walls and windows, while the bolder ones are selected for interior pieces like furniture, carpet, and supporting interior pieces. What a perfect combination!

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