Modern Boho Bedroom Inspirations Now On Most Current Trend

Rowan Bandhani duvet cover by Urban Outfitters woven pendant modern area rug with geometric patterns low profile stool tiny bedside table in black with round top Pinterest

When you need a new inspiration for redecorating your bedroom, I recommend Boho as the perfect option to try out. The main reason is it’s simple and gives a special character to your bedroom. You just get some things to make your private room unique and Boho-look such as layers of textiles (with bold color schemes and patterns), vivid houseplants, macrame things, Moroccan pieces, string of light, and many more. Interestingly, you can get these things at the second-hand shops or online shops with affordable price. Well, to give you more inspiration, I’ve collected ten best Boho bedroom ideas for you. Let’s check them out.

To get a stylish look in your modern Boho bedroom, it’s recommended to add the real houseplants put at one of the corners of space. Beside the frameless mirror, for instance, seems to be great spot to style the spot with such a fresh houseplant. It would be a stated corner I think.

To make a bit of difference on your modern Boho bedroom, it’s genius to involve some natural features as the natural characteristic. This idea is called a modern Boho farmhouse style. Try it out if you like.

Covering your bed with the best duvet cover is also an instant way to spice up your bedroom. Rowan Bandhani duvet by Urban Outfitters seems to be perfect for a modern Boho touch for your bedroom. Its bold geometric patterns visually give an accent to your sleeping area. Feature it with a modern minimalist area rug for more comfortable and stylish look.

Actually, there are three best rug options for modern Boho style: textiles with layered patterns and colors, shag rugs, and flat woven rugs. Each gives unique character to any modern Boho-style rooms. Flat woven rug, like in this picture, gives textural touch to our feet and of course it offers comfortable sense to our feet (as what we’re feeling when we’re getting simple massage in our feet).

Minimalist and fresh. This bedroom offers ultimate comfort and style with a natural touch clearly presented by some vivid housplants and wood element in bed furniture. This natural touch brings the real essence of nature that can make the space warmer and fresher in modern way. I totally like the rug. Its big geometrical patterns add bold accent to this simple-modern Boho bedroom.

Complete your modern Boho bedroom with such a lovely wood art. The headboard becomes the statement of room due to its rainbow color scheme. The patterns are geometric and painted in colorful schemes that are visually interesting and add textural tone to the bedroom. To make it keeps bold and stunned, let the bed linen and duvet cover in white. Make it a contrast with this idea.

I love the headboard; it’s so unique. It’s made from the reclaimed wood with textured and colored surface. With white bed linen and tribal pillows, the headboard looks so stunning.

Sometimes it would be a great idea to add the poppy patterns to the bedroom. This runner, for instance, seems perfect in bright and light fabric base and its patterns give uniqueness to the runner.

Give a new statement to your bedroom and make it as the highlight of bedroom. Duvet cover with tassels can be the good option to try out. It looks so stylish and aesthetic.

The chandelier is more than the aesthetic piece; it’s artsy and totally functional.

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