Modern-Industrial: Feel Warm & Cold Atmosphere only with Raw and Unfinished Interiors

leather chair series with bare concrete wall background Pinterest

Modern industrial tries to expose a raw, rough, and unfinished decor idea to get an edgy style. Sometimes, we’ve got some modern touches obviously recognized from the color accents, furniture details, and decorative items. Unlike other styles that are pain to hide imperfection, modern industrial confidently shows off what’s on display. Unfinished and raw structures in this style keep being cohesive, basic, and chic. Inspired by the industrial sites, here are ten recommended ideas to style up your loft, condo, or home with this style. Let’s check them up.

With an ultra-modern touch, this kitchen obviously is clean-look with a monochromatic contrast. Organic wood applied well in bar table and cabinetry expose the real rawness of wood. There’s still organic texture and tone, also adding a rustic touch to this kitchen. The pendants are also so awesome. They stay presenting the basic idea of industrial as well as a modern touch.

Just focus on the painted brick walls as one of most interesting spots in this bedroom. This is a genius trick to add a modern touch to an industrial-style room. Metallic bed canopy is also attractive to set as another feature of industrial concept.

It’s so creative. Pick the water piping idea as the basic plan of your DIY industrial accent lighting fixture. Just add some bulbs and be ready to admire your own work. Place this accent light fixture directly against your bare concrete walls for more stunning look.

Just imagine you have such a cozy spot to kill time. Furnished with a simple and modern chair, it’s fun to just take a sit and enjoy your coffee while reading your favorite book. I really love the whitewashed wall finish; it’s dramatic when featuring the clean and soft wood floors. It feels like seeing a warm and a cold side in the same space.

It’s perfect to put leather chair series along with the bare concrete finish. The visual is authentic and definitely expresses a masculine vibe. Both elements offer the raw texture that directly meets modern industrial concept.

Based on the main concept, the designer proudly presents an ex-drum as the creative nightstand.  A pile of book has the same role but it’s more artsy, potentially being a creative accent in this bedroom.

Actually this is a Scandinavian-style living room but I see a little industrial touch in here. An unfinished concrete wall and big rack supported with the metal and hardwood structure. Visually, it’s firm and ‘heavy’ but it’s slowly ‘soft’ when this warm blush couch furnishes the space. What a good balance.

For a cozy feel, the homeowner uses wood featuring the bare concrete in this space. It’s unique, indeed; the space visualizes a balance look of warm and cold senses obviously brought by these two basic materials. Clean line and simple interior really present a modern design. The windows, in addition, allow the space to have a perfect lighted-look during all day long. I also really like the accent window that remembering us about The Hobbit home.

Industrial style is identical with an open-plan interior. It gives more space to us to communicate with others without the barriers. The existence of fireplace is often related to this goal, at least can build the intimacy only through the home design idea.

Still about the open-plan interior in modern industrial-style home. This one is smaller than previous idea; coated with bare concrete from walls to ceilings, it meets the industrial’s character: unfinished idea. But a lighted-space with some wood pieces in this space slowly adds the warm feel, so it feels cozy and homey.

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