Creative Modern Ladder Desk Design for Small Room

Do you like doing your activity in front of laptop? If you do, you must need such a nice comfortable desk for your laptop stand. In this case, you need a desk. However, there are so many kinds of desks design that you can have. Thus, in this article the writer only wants to discuss about ladder desk. This is kind of particular desk with typical design like a ladder. How does it look like anyway? Just keep reading and see the pictures.

Starting from a ladder desk which has quite large size. This desk showed in the picture has wooden made concept with brown coloring. This is actually a bookshelf which has desk design. So, above the desk there are two rack or shelves for placing books or other stuffs you have such a bottle, clock, and etc. This ladder desk is also completed with nice classic chair. Let us compare it with other ladder desk design which is build special for computer set. As you see in the picture, this desk is not like a bookshelf. It only has two levels which the first level is for printed stand, and the second level is for computer desktop.

Even though, actually you can build your own shelf at the right and left side of the ladder desk. You can see it from the sample picture, where a ladder desk is built along with ladder bookshelf at the left and the right side. This wooden big ladder desk set is very amazing and has attractive black coloring concept.

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