Bring New Arabian Flavor Instantly just with Moroccan Flair to Your Modern Interiors

Mediterranean Moroccan bedroom idea dark finished Mashrabiya wood panel lantern shaped pendants in blue white bedding treatment flower pillowcased pillows dark neutral Moroccan pillow Decoist

The Moroccan’s traditions, customs, and home decorating style have passed and we maybe just hear a lot about it. For you who really love and miss it, I’ve ready collected and shared the unique Moroccan heritage through ten best displays of Moroccan style implemented in homes. To make it much more stunning and aesthetically unforgettable, I have blended it with most current trends, especially those that closely related to contemporary creativity.

Many thanks to rich color of Moroccan style that can definitely balance the contemporary flavor. With characterful patterns, vividly neutral palettes, and the sense of cross-culture value, these ten Moroccan-inspired interior ideas hopefully will transform your home into the space that’s full of luxury and comfort.

elegant white living room in Moroccan style white sofa and armchairs white Moroccan coffee table curved wall background white carpet with motifs light wood floors


The entire interior is dominated by white but the Moroccan touch can still be felt visually. The curved & recessed wall background, for instance, really showcases the Moroccan’s handcrafting that’s usually discovered in mosques. The coffee table, please take a look, it obviously displays the unique curves at base and details of Moroccan’s distinct patterns on whole table.

purple Moroccan bedroom idea red Moroccan carpet with motifs two chairs with purple throw pillows gloss purple comforter purple pillowcases wood handcrafting Moroccan pendants


Most interior designers say purple is one of exact color hues that really fit a blend of Moroccan theme and modern appeal. Like in this idea, we’ve found all furnishings are exposing the real Moroccan details, starting from the bed to carpet, and the purple beautifully coats the whole room, including the walls and interior’s complementary items (bedding treatment and pillows).

Mediterranean Moroccan bedroom idea dark finished Mashrabiya wood panel lantern shaped pendants in blue white bedding treatment flower pillowcased pillows dark neutral Moroccan pillow


Adopting Mediterranean flavor into your Moroccan-style bedroom is a brilliant tip to re-connect more these two styles in one frame. Why Mediterranean? Both Mediterranean and Moroccan have a close connection with Arabic customs and cultures (or Middle East cultures), so they can blend effortlessly and elegantly. Mashrabiya panels, lantern-shaped pendants, and distinct windows will ease you to create a perfect blend. This idea also allows you to use less-intricate Moroccan patterns and neutral backdrop for bed.

Moroccan style bedroom with modern twist dark toned bed frame with headboard and pink accents silver toned ottomans modern style rug white bedside tables gold toned Moroccan pendants


Add more Moroccan style to your bedroom just with including some key additions such as lantern-shaped lighting fixtures, colorful ottomans, Moroccan rugs, and geometric Moroccan patterns. These elements, of course, will create an ornate setting which seems like in Aladdin Movie (Disney’s movie) or an Arabian Night Story. That will be so awesome!

Moroccan Bohemian bedroom idea vintage wood bedside tables bed frame with patterned headboard stripped and colorful blanket geometric rug terra cotta floors lantern pendants


It’s challenging when we blend some different styles with our Moroccan bedroom. Yes, it’s weird but this idea can produce the most unique setting performing an eclectic look. The distinctive patterns and colors of Moroccan style will result the ‘chaos’ when we collaborate them with Bohemian touch (for instance). The thing that you need is much imagination to discover and to pick up what style that meets your desire.

Moroccan bedroom idea bed canopy addition colorful accent lighting fixtures Moroccan style closet Moroccan rug


Add an unmistakable focal point to your Moroccan-themed bedroom to give an exact feature in room. Moroccan’s ornate furnishings and architectural details are just few examples. The accent lighting fixtures and bed canopy here are the just the secondary elements but they can take a significant roles in giving a comfortable visual as well as the aesthetic value.

Just put all Moroccan pieces to empower Moroccan theme you wanna expose. Everywhere the eyes glaze at, you’ll just find Moroccan masterpiece, starting from the primary interior pieces to room’s accessories. With this approach, you’ll get an instant Disney’s Arabic setting, Aladdin!

If you’re dreaming of calming and relaxing bedroom with Moroccan style, light-neutral palettes sound so recommended to try. It seems like a Scandinavian-Moroccan blend. The Moroccan accent can be implemented on your bed comforter or walls. Just add a bit accent, not too much since it can be out of your concept. In this bedroom setting, for instance, just has distinctive Moroccan’s pattern that’s well-applied on the wall, and the designer adds one more Moroccan accent to the bedside table.

This is an inspiring bay window highlighted by the exotic fabrics that display color richness, obvious patterns, and characterful texture. The designer tends to exhibit the fabric’s values inserted on throws, rug, poufs, cushion, and decorative curtains. Although the patterns and colors are so different, they can even blend perfectly.

Update your back porch by adopting this adorable Moroccan-inspired porch. The earthy brown walls seem to be perfect background for these colorful and intricate patterns on textiles. Like the walls do, the shabbier gray tiles flooring also lets all objects above it stand out.

All Moroccan tiles perform bold and geometric look, allowing us to implement them either for modern or traditional settings. It’s a smart idea to try it for small-portion settings such as the entryway, backsplash, or tabletop.

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