simple mudroom storage unit for kids stuffs

Do you have kids? If you do, you must be very crazy when you see you kids playing around the rain and then they come into the house while wet. You should have a place to put their stuff. And in this case, you need such a mudroom storage unit. Mudroom storage unit is a special place for storaging the kids stuffs such as boot, jacket, coat, and etc. Therefore, the writer would like to show you some simple mudroom storage unit that can inspire you.

Mudroom storage unit can be build near the kitchen. This mudroom storage has small concept. You can see in the picture showed that there is a mudroom storage with white wooden concept. what you can put in this mudroom storage is like shoes, boat, a small bench, and do not forger to put a coat rack over the window. This mudroom storage can have some shoes shelf with small size.

The other nice mudroom storage can be made beautifully. This time you can add a decoration on the mudroom under the coat rack such photograph and etc. This mudroom has some closets for clothes place. The other nice storage has modern simple design and has some shelf like a bookshelf. so, instead of kids thing, you can also put some decoration or books here.

There is another else a mudroom storage with plastic concept. This mudroom storage has three boxes with plastic storage in blue color. A nice hook is also included at the top side. Some stuffs can be placed in this storage are like bags, scarf, sandal, ball, hat, and etc. This simple storage is needed so you can arrange the stuffs very well. you can also add a simple seat with soft pillow concept, this is actually not for sitting it is just for decorating.


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